Ah, La Leche De Madre, the sweetest of milk!   Growth dictates that you eventually abandon the teat and start foraging on your own.  Many whines and howls ensue.  Gnashing of teeth and biting everything within sight.  Sleepless nights too.

Our little Desi, reminding that separation is a natural part of life.

I’m going through a little weaning myself.  My own milk and honey no longer available.  The closure of our USATF Association Athlete Development Program last year was just a little hard for me.  Another program that was so very dear to my lips has grown up.  The USA Club Track & Field Championships is now being contested every other year.  Making its 2012 appearance in Omaha all the more historically important.  At least to me.  Two national programs I cut my teeth on no longer available to chew.  There was a lot of Nebraska in both of those, painted in vivid Red & White.

The USATF Elite Development Club program endures.  Team Nebraska.  Iowa RunAblaze.  Kansas City Smoke.  Our Midwest designees still carrying the banner.  Their own growth curves doing exactly as intended, spurring competition both regionally and locally.  Lincoln Running Company Racing proof enough of that.

I’ll miss the Lincoln Marathon for  the first time since 2000.  The Nebraska spring marathon standard bearer for the last 40 years.  They contributed so much to my programs and I’ll always be grateful.