Momentous weekend for Nebraska’s LDR program and for the Bar None.

Five years ago this weekend Linda and I bought this dilapidated old farmhouse.  Have remodeled, repurposed, and recharged the property.  New windows installed yesterday and today.  Almost there.

Fifteen years ago this weekend the USATF Nebraska Association made its debut in National Club competitions.  The Team Nebraska women’s team came away from Duluth with the Overall Team title for our 2003 USA Half Marathon.
22. Christy Nielsen- 1:17:38
23.  Machele Cochran- 1:17:39
24. Renee Kruse- 1:18:07
41. Michelle Paxton- 1:21:02
58. Ann Ringlein- 1:25:10
61. Michelle Swenson- 1:26:36
62. Maureen Larsen- 1:29:01

I was ill equipped to deal with the property but we have made a silk purse out of this sow’s ear.

An ever ongoing work in progress, we are getting the Bar None dialed into our dreams.

Fifteen years ago I also had the privilege of working with Dave McGillivray putting on our 2003 USA Marathon National Champs, as a precursor to our 2004 Olympic Trials Marathon.  This operations manual now the guiding force behind the Valley 7 Lakes Marathon.  And shining example of what we will do in Nebraska!