Everything happens for a reason.  Everything happens in its season. Reflecting on circumstances that led to our life at the Bar None.   The Happiest time of my life.  Not sure if it is ironic or funny how the most painful separations can blossom into such opportunity.   This is not the Bar None story though.

This is about the Valley 7 Lakes Marathon.    Why and how it came about a compelling story.  The voice in this blog shutting a yonder window.   That closure allowing the birth of something new and better.   The stuff of my dreams.  Thirty five years of road race management leading to this.   This is not the Run Guru  story though- at 60 too old (!), too far out of touch (!!!),  to be the Real Leader of this movement.  Content to sit on the side in an Executive Director capacity.  Linda, Co-Race Director.  Our Chief Legal, At-Large, and Medical Directors also in our age group.

Our Young Road Race Management Committee, this is their story.
Tristan Nelson, Race Director.  Age 21.
Rocky Pryor, Communications Director.  Age 22.
Devon Hall, Graphics.  Age 21.
Maddie McCarvill, Volunteer Coordinator.  Age 22.
Matt Copeland, Operations Director.  Age 21.
Dan Maline, Sponsorship Coordinator.  Thirties.

We all live within a couple miles.  A local effort to benefit our community.  We meet weekly at the Bar None and monthly at our race director’s digs.  My greatest joy now mentoring.  This group of energetic youngsters giving 100% buy in to the vision of the race.

The opportunity for everyone to run to their potential.

Wide open roads.  No sidewalks.  No bike paths.   Flat, Fast, USATF Certified and Sanctioned.  Your best marathon, for first timers, for those seeking a pr or Boston qualifier.  Half Marathon.  2019 Nebraska State Marathon Road Relay Championships.  Prize money.  American Challenge bonus money for our USA Olympic Trials qualifiers.  2020 USA Marathon Road Relay National Championships.

Old School expectations embraced by our Valley 7 Lakes Marathon Youth Movement.