Silly Rabbit!

The Marathon.  My personal litmus test.  The first question I’ll ask you if you tell me you are a runner.  What’s your marathon pr?

There is so very much more to running these days.  Marathon personal bests probably rank pretty far down on most people’s criteria.

But there are still those that choose to pursue that purest expression of  our sport.  26.2 miles.  The upper limit of Real Racing.  With apologies to and acknowledgement of everyone else’s own definitions of what constitutes excellence.

One of the fastest men in Nebraska History.  From 5 miles to the marathon.  Tim Dooling, maybe the only name that should be mentioned in the  same breath as Mike  Morgan.  In his 50s now.  We’ve been talking spring marathons.  My opinions on marathons after age 50 are more eloquently stated in this powerful thread at let’s run.
Marathon participation and performance post 50

Run them while you’re young folks.  The marathon is for you!