I held a very clear standard during my 10 years riding herd over Team Nebraska and the Nebraska USATF LDR program, and even now with Run Guru Elite.  I only deem efforts successful when shaking hands with an athlete that has been accepted into the “next level.”  As much Nebraska bluster that was generated, my deepest commitment was to developing national level athletes.

Turning farm country into a farm team.  For Keith & Kevin Hanson.  For Nike.  For Adidas.  For ZAP Fitness.  For Mammoth Lakes.

Here I go again.  Telling you gentle readers as founder and architect, that the original design and intent of USATF Nebraska, Team Nebraska, and all that might follow, was to elevate our state’s individuals to national level talent, national level opportunities.  

Mike Morgan.  David Adams.  Peter vd Westhuizen.  Angee Henry.  Aubrey Baxter.

It has been a long drought since 2012.  Tanner Fruit moved to Colorado for his  post collegiate efforts.  His name sadly not on our list.  Ashley Miller to Oklahoma after a single year at Team Nebraska.  Her name appearing only as the club’s 1 mile (4:49) and 3K (9:47) record holder.

Who then will next emerge from the corn?

The Bar None in 2013.   A metaphor for my  time in Nebraska.  When first arriving I found a bleak, undeveloped, uninspiring landscape.  Got busy with the most rudimentary of tools, busting sod by hand.  With a vision.


I don’t do anything half way.  The Bar None rising to the top.  Farm Team Friday.