The mileage is consistent this summer.  Consistently low.  Every attempt being made to get out at least twice a week.  Four and a quarter yesterday morning felt fine.  I want to run more and will be able to soon enough.  August knocking on the Bar None’s door.

I pulled 4000 pounds of tomatoes last year.  I might pull 400 this year.  Sold thousands of peppers last, maybe a couple hundred this.  The difference?  I usually take things to the extreme if I’m going to do something.  To fully immerse ourselves in the  prairie/peasant lifestyle the garden was set into the natural field this year.  No tiller.  Pulling weeds over sixteen thousand square feet.  Every day.  Some days ten to twelve hours bent.  So I can say we are different and probably better.

Overwhelming work.  What to do?  The  Zen of the Core.  Converting Labor into opportunities to stretch and reach and balance and exert and do Good Work.  Both Linda and my upper bodies solid.  Check out your local farmer’s market.  You won’t see very many overweight farmers.

Brian and Rose Bergt might be the strongest pound  for  pound people I know.

I graduated high school in 1975.  The day after my birthday that year I shared a ritual that was common among my peers.  Returned from work to find my worldly possessions neatly and lovingly stacked in the driveway.  It really used to be that way.  Instilling a Core Value  that has lasted a lifetime.