Jed is the same age as Linda in dog years.  We rescued him from the Pawliday Inn down Hastings way in March 2012, already two plus and a hard couple at that.  Tri Colored Treeing Walker Coon Hound.  Most beautiful example of the breed.  Human like eyes.  Knucklehead.

Food aggressive, would spare no sympathy should I attempt to intercede his gluttony.  Head of Security at Bar None.  Reluctant, patient and unexpected mentor for our young Desiree.  Teaching her his ways, revealing a trace of hound in her own bloodline.  Aha!  She too a Knucklehead.

Young Desi and our dear sweet resurrected barn cat Natalie had their vet appointments last week, girls day out.  Desi to follow up next week for her date with a barren uterus, enough puppies in this world.

It was Jedediah and Natlie’s twin brother King, (“El Rey”, 3 1/2 years, both black as coal) who were on the good doc’s docket Tuesday afternoon.    King easy as albacore pie.  Jedediah, oh my.

In for rabies shot and a manicure.  A little heads up from Linda that Jed doesn’t play well with those touching him uninvited.   An attempt to muzzle his taut 83.5 pounds by three experienced vets, including one former state wrestling champ, grappling the hound for the next quarter hour, poop and pee and blood everywhere.  Two of three, including well muscled mister suffering wrath and tooth from the fiercely independent hound.

In the end it was decided to not trim his nails.  My simple food reward distracting long enough for the shot.

Fierce independence.  Absolute Independence.  Don’t take no mess.   Jedediah Unchained.