Very rarely do I dip into politics.  I keep most of my inclinations pretty close to the chest.  What I will reveal is that it matters not whether elephant or ass.

One of the most  polarizing topics in our society, and timely (tick tock, tick tock) with today’s scheduled execution of Carey Dean Moore, is the death penalty.

Living in Texas for a quarter century gives me a certain perspective.  As comedian Ron White quips, “In Texas they have an  express lane” for convicted killers.  That state has put 553 inmates to death since 1980.

I’ve watched with interest the battles over the drug cocktail that will be administered at 10:00 this morning.  Procured through nefarious channels, championed by our state’s governor.  A shadow of conspiracy cast over the entire process.  My friends from around  the rest of the country submitting queries as to how this could go on here in the Good Life.   I have no Good answer.