We’ve hit our Bar None Sweet Spot.  We’ve canned 60 quarts of salsas, sauces, and juices and  pulled all 65 tomato plants.  Yanked 100 basil plants.  Presto, Pesto!  Swiss chard and kales now headed to freezer instead of market.  Shelled Lima beans, garbanzo  beans and edamame.  Hundreds of  onions hanging in the barn, along with enough garlic to wipe out an army  of vampires.  Russet potatoes and butternut squash cured and stored.  Sweet pepper relish, jellies, jams and syrups jarred and lined up like sweet little soldiers.  Spent all week jerkin my gherkin. Two crocks of pickles in the cellar, another full of cabbage/kraut.   Sweet potatoes the last thing remaining to be lifted from the soil, those too destined for the cellar and our winter table.  Linda and I grow 90% of what we eat.  Clean, we are the only ones touching our completely chemical free food.

We’ve decided to call it a season at Village Pointe Farmer’s Market.  Linda’s emergency appendectomy last Saturday has her at 50%, all the more  reason.  Thank you to all of our friends and customers that supported our efforts this year.

Allowing more time to complete the potting shed and the new structure for storing firewood.  Tuning up the chainsaw and splitter, starting to lay up for this winter.  Never too much.

We’ve still got radishes, carrots, beets, peppers, lettuces, collards, leeks, eggs and Linda’s popular dehydrated herbs and salts.  Our boutique customers know this is their favorite time.  Planning  a few fall events, check our Bar None Produce facebook page for updates on where and when.