The Valley 7 Lakes Marathon is working hard to support American athletes.  Our efforts set towards making it a premiere marathon for American Athletes.  I conducted a prize money survey of marathons in the Midwest.  Used those numbers to set our own proposed purse.

As you might expect, I’m shooting for the moon.  Elite athlete prize money, $10 grand each for male and female top finishers based on time.  Olympic Trials qualifying Bonus for hitting the A ($2000) Men-2:15 and B ($1000) 2:19 1:04 half.  Women-A ($2000), 2:37 B ($1000)-2:45 1:13 half.  State records rewarded too.  A total prize package of $50K.

April 27, 2019.  Perfectly scheduled.

The Flattest Closed Road Marathon In The World.   The only closed road marathon in Nebraska.   You’ll have to run fast.  And you’ll have to be American.