Thanking Nolan Zimmer and Emil Zatopek for this morning’s inspiration.  Nolan posted this picture and quote on facebook, duly credited.

Nolan Zimmer breaking the tape at last Sunday’s  Buffalo Run 5 Mile in Lincoln.

“It’s at the true borders of pain and suffering that the men are separated from the boys.”
-Emil Zatopek

I’ve danced along running’s razor edge for over 30 years.  Advocating for America’s very best athletes while trying to inspire and motivate and stimulate all the rest to run to their own personal potential.  It is far too simple a declaration to deem me elitist.

It is with certainty that I share Nolan’s feelings about what it means to push to your limits.   And Emil’s.  Emil Zatopek, three Gold Medals at the 1952 Helsinki Olympics.  5000, 10,000, and Marathon.

You don’t have to be an Olympic triple  gold medalist.  What you do have to experience is that “true border of pain and suffering”.  If you delve that deep, find your own Exquisite Threshold, then you too have separated from those that merely put one foot in front of the other and call it good.  Truth!