Always a Mate!  But exactly what is a Mate?  It depends on whom you ask but I’ll give it to you straight from the horse’s mouth.  A Mate is anyone that demonstrates, or has demonstrated,  Pride in the TNB uniform.  Not every former member has ascribed to the Team principle unfortunately, never really were Mates at all.  Altruism can’t be mandated, and a few bad seeds have been removed if not completely stricken from the record books.  Now you know.

Few however have represented TNB with as much distinction, professionalism, and class as Craig Christians.  Craig was our Male Masters Athlete of the Year in 2003, 2004, & 2010.  In 2003 he brought home medals from the USA Masters Outdoor T&F National Championships.  And as I told him in an email yesterday, it is what he has done to promote the club and our sport that is appreciated even more than his athletic accomplishments. Craig has stepped away from TNB, he has been with us since joining as a charter member in 2002 and we will miss him.  His Positive  influence and Competitive spirit will remain however.  That is what makes him “Always a Mate.”

Feliz Cumpleanos to my dear sweet Allison as she turns 17 today.  As every year, she has requested my World Famous Baby Back Ribs for her birthday supper, yummy!

Matt Heesch was hit by a car yesterday, this from his facebook page:
” to the lady in the beige explorer who tried to turn right on red without stopping while i had a walk signal: i really hope i dented your hood and cracked your windshield, because my improvised jump/action roll across your hood did not feel as good as is looked. equally uncool was driving away as fast as you could. at least the guy behind you had the decency to stop and ask if i was alright.”

Sad state of affairs.

How dedicated is Cameron Cummings to achieving the sub 2:19:00 at the Chicago Marathon?  How about going out for his scheduled 30 mile run After Work yesterday.  Giddyup Cameron!

Mike Reilly is stretching things out by training up for the Bohemian Alps 50K in a few weeks.  He’s got a 2:52 marathon pr so it will be interesting to see what the extra 8 kilometers will offer him.

TNB Attorney Bruce Barnhart completed the Black Squirrel Triathlon this past weekend, his debut in the sport.  So did Steve Stender who competed barefoot as usual.

Wednesday night track work, Millard West @ 6:00 pm
1 mile warm up and down
6-4-2 like this:
1.5 miles @ 10K race pace, jog 5:00 & rehydrate
1 mile @ 10K race pace, jog 3:00 & rehydrate
800 @ 5K race pace

If you are doing the  Hy-Vee Triathlon in Des Moines:
1-1.5 mile warm up and down
2 X 800, 400 easy recovery jog between
2 X 400, 200 easy recovery jog between
2 X 200, 1:00 easy recovery between

RUN RUN RUN by Fred Wilt, 1964, Track & Field News Inc.  This is considered one of the bibles of the sport of running.  It is my go to source for inspiration and motivation, I cite it often, like the following:
“Regardless of what training method is used it absolutely cannot guarantee success in racing.  Training merely makes successful racing possible.  A runner must also have the will to win, a subconscious desire for victory, courage, tenacity, and a competitive ‘killer instinct’ to transform the racing potential resulting from good training into reality.”