Extra big tip of the sombrero to the LRC Racing teams that dominated Market to Market Relay last weekend.  They placed the first 4 teams across the line.  Reminiscent of Team Nebraska back in the day.   It wasn’t that long ago that my Red & White mates were doing the same thing.

I personally got  bored of it.  Only competing against ourselves.   There were few happier people in Nebraska when LRC Racing finally came out.  Real Competition.  No more of mates battling mates.

Mates.   A word that still holds true for me.  And few others.

My top runner was solicited by both LRC Racing and Team Nebraska, looking to add talent to their M2M teams.  Poaching streak alive and well.  How does this foster a real sense of Team, of Real Mates.  When you are out trying to gather runners  from other teams?  At the expense of your own athletes, food for thought for your B runners.  I’d be plenty pissed if I were left off a team for someone that isn’t even on my club.

And to my athlete that demonstrated loyalty.  Thank you.  For being a Mate.  A Good Mate.