Please allow a dip back in time.  A time when we would be handed a popsicle  stick at the finish line, take it to the scorer’s table, then  head off for a beer.  We knew the race results would be compiled, tri-folded, stamped and mailed.  And that we’d get them in a week or two.

Pre internet.  Pre social media.  Pre.

How I miss John Fey.  John covered running and racing for the Omaha World Herald for plus or minus 20 years.  The paper didn’t give him a ton of inches but he milked what he could for all of us.

Why the reminisce?  For the second time in 3 weeks we’ve had a marathon in the Omaha metro and had no race results listed in the OWH.

Culture Club.  The paper’s coverage reflects the general malaise of our sport in Omaha.  Starts with our local leadership.  Low expectations, consistently delivered.  Race Results Weakly.