This is one  of  my favorite Friday’s of the year.  Why?  Because there is no  where to hide.  I eagerly tore through this morning’s  OWH looking for this opening statement:

“Coaches are predicting team titles…..”

Why wouldn’t they?  In high school the runners are subject to the tic toc clock doc.  And each other.  Frequently over the season.   Testing mettle.  Forging  metal.  Gold every athlete/coach/alchemist’s goal.

I’ve spent almost 20 years now ranking Nebraska talent.  Making comparisons.  Setting standards.  Pissing people off.  Pissing clubs off.  Who should be an “A” level athlete.  Who  the B’s are.  Even the “Cs”.

Which club is best.  It used to be Team Nebraska and it was indisputable.   LRC Racing assumed the mantle in 2012.  Undeniable.

For now.

Got an email from an old buddy a couple days ago.  Crowing the fact that LRC is the only competitive club in Nebraska.  His team, his town.  Cock-a-doodle-doo.

Not quite ready to completely un-rank Team Nebraska.  Current lull notwithstanding.  Hopeful they can once again reach for the heady heights of excellence.  Competitive running is important.  And not just between club mates, A,B, or C level.

Here’s a not well kept secret.  Nebraska Run Guru Elite is still around.  With a new found patience.   And its own marathon.  A marathon whose leadership is 100% in agreement with the words in this column.  No attempts to silence or censor, no sponsor demands or strings, no obfuscations, no bunched panties, no geographical/hierarchical struggles.  Everything right here in Western Douglas County.  Good Mates, Good Friends and Good Neighbors.

My biggest accomplishment so far in the Good Life?  The fact that I’m still around.  Fighting the Good Fight.