To every hard working,  serious, dedicated, in the trenches, giving it their all athlete,  here is  something told me by Phd. Sports Psychologist and 2:16 marathoner Andy Palmer:  “There is always someone faster.”

From the ol’ rule book:  Athletes may transfer between clubs within an association as long as they have not represented another bona fide club within 90 days at an association, regional, or national championships.   Good explanation as to why there was zero red and white on the start line at Sunday’s association xc champs.  The very fastest of soon-to-be former Team Nebraska athletes are hopefully intent on cracking the traveling squad for LRC Racing.  That was the point after all.  To combine the clubs’ top athletes into a “super” club that will represent the Good Life.   I couldn’t be happier and can’t resist drawing parallels to the Original Team Nebraska (’02-’12).  My old mates set a high bar and I wish LRC Racing all the best in their pursuits.

I raise this point for the sake of our USA Club National Cross Country Championships.   Spokane on December 8th.  I’m going to be the most vocal of cheerleaders for our Nebraska contingent, whomever that may end up being.  No entries yet but I’m keen on keeping up for you gentle readers.  I’m guessing only Peter Falcon will crack LRC’s top 5. Luka Thor and Colin Morrissey in the top 10.  Precipitous after that.—Calendar/2018/USATF-National-Club-Cross-Country/Status-of-Entries.aspx

Here’s a little preview of what the course will look like:

I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed that the air quality improves in California.  Early scuttlebutt has it that the  California International Marathon (Dec. 2) will mirror the Big Sur Marathon’s decision of last week to cancel.  Our USATF Marathon National Championships in jeopardy, 26.2 the cruelest mistress of all.  Status of entries currently showing nada.—Services/Event-Registration-Status.aspx?e=114652