Here’s to you number 2
We’re looking to break you
That is true
Here’s to you number 3
For most mere mortals
like you and me
Here’s to you number 4
And to  y’all knocking
On that door
Here’s to you number 5
You can do this
That’s no jive

We can take you there.

A survey of our Nebraska marathons shows the following data:

Lincoln Marathon:  980 finishers.  226 (23%)  > 5hrs
Omaha Marathon:  243 finishers.  141 (58%)  >5hrs
Heartland Marathon:  117 finishers.  20 (17%) >5hrs
Grand Island Marathon:  125 finishers.  31 (25%)  >5hrs
Wabash Trace Marathon:  64 finishers.  14 (22%) >5hrs
Nebraska Marathon:  135 finishers.  34 (25%) >5hrs

If you are in that 17-58% of runners with a dream of breaking 5 hours.  Yes, the Valley 7 Lakes Marathon is for you.  https://www.active.com/valley-ne/running/distance-running/valley-7-lakes-marathon-2019?int=