Math was always my hardest subject.  That’s why I took algebra.  That’s why I loved statistics.

What does the average runner look  like?  Based upon a sample of one race on one day I’ve come up with a close approximation.  Yesterday’s YMCA Turkey Trot 5 Mile in Fremont the race used.  The field of finisher’s data analyzed to find the elusive “Average Runner”.

There were 102 finisher.  The average runner finished in 42:40.  The average pace was 8:31 per mile.  The median runner (51st)  was 41:56. The average age was 34.

So what does the average Turkey Trot 5 Mile finisher look like?

I finished 53rd overall, just past the median.  Time was 42:18, :12 faster than the average time.  In 5 days I’ll be 61, 27 years older than the average.  Ran with Linda for the first half of the out and back course (22:14), returned in 20:04.  The final 2.5 miles dipping into the purifying reservoir, the Exquisite Threshold.  The moment of this photo capturing my definition, standard, and insistence for Real Racing.  In the final mile, body screaming it can’t possibly maintain.  The mind, insisting yes, yes you can.  You too can be average Willie!