Tests of Time.  The Clock, doc, tells no lies.

Aimee has subjected herself to my methods.  A veteran of 60+ half marathons who grew bored with the same old same old.  In the last 10 weeks we’ve knocked almost 2 minutes off her 5K  personal best.  An amazing improvement that surprises me not.  You too have a champion within.

Today is about another test of time.   I celebrate my 61st birthday.  And 6 years since Linda and I made our commitment to each other, an even greater thing, finding Real Love at 55.

Time is also the best test of Real Friends.  This old hard ass has been blessed.  Of the 47 kids in my Atwood Hammond High class of 1975, those still above the green grass have remained life long friends.  We keep in touch.  We reminisce and talk of the future.  We forged strong connections through our rural, uninterrupted by technology, youthful experiences.

Two decades plus in Texas.  The connections made in my young adulthood still strong.   Those relationships too more precious with each passing year.

Now nearly two decades in Nebraska.  I came in with that Texas size chip on one shoulder, bushel of hubris on the other.  Saw what was lacking and seized the opportunity to do something I truly believed in, setting up the USATF LDR program, and then Team Nebraska, and more.  During the wars of the formative years I insisted “I’m not here to make friends”.  And I sure didn’t!  Except, yes in fact I did!  Time has revealed them and I count myself fortunate.

My USATF colleagues, those from across the United States that have shared this passion of service to our sport, they are my friends.   I’ll miss them again this year, the USATF Annual Meetings begin today in Columbus, Ohio.  Our USATF Nebraska Association LDR Chair, Tristan Nelson, is on his way, the first LDR Chair to do so in  6 years.  Tristan, my friend, Giddyup!