Deeming and dubbing.  Doing Business As.  Also Known As.  America’s Marathon.
The Alter Ego of our Valley 7 Lakes Marathon.

Our USATF Nebraska Association LDR Chair checked in as the cock crowed this morning.  He’s jumped into his volunteer position with more energy than we’ve seen in recent history.  Immersed himself fully into the bigger picture, comprising all the scopes, local, regional, and national.  Giving up his time, energy, and dollars to go learn from the source.  This is the very best place to understand how the sport is bigger than any single athlete, club, ego, city, or agenda.  Everyone and anyone that cares the very most about our sport.  Those willing to do something.  So yeah, I’m digging the fact that he’s the first LDR Chair in six years to attend.

And here’s what else has me all giddy.  Tristan is honest, passionate, educated, and dedicated.  Very good at public speaking.  One of his main messages this coming few days?  He will insist to anyone within ear shot that the first sub 2 hour marathon in history will occur in Valley Nebraska.  That is the energy and hubris this Association was founded on.  Some will laugh, some will guffaw, some will challenge.  Many will appreciate.  Some will come.

Valley 7 Lakes Marathon.  AKA America’s Marathon.