Well howdy!   The little running $tore in Lincoln will be well repre$ented in $pokane for thi$ weekend’$ USA Club Cross Country  Championships.   The team’$ deep Lincoln Marathon pocket$ reflecting newly ab$orbed Team Nebraska and Run Guru Elite athletes.   Nineteen open runner$ with entrie$, airfare$, hotel$, meal$, etc.  A nice double for the $tore/race after $ending athlete$ to $acramento la$t weekend.

LRC Racing – Team A
Mark Abrams, Nolan Border, Tim Grundmayer, Cole Marolf, Jordan Wheeler, Nolan Zimmer

LRC Racing – Team B
John Cleary, Kyle Clouston, Ryan Dostal, Andrew Jacob, Jacob Olson, Austin Post

LRC Racing – Team A
Erica Doering, Katie Fitzsimmons, Sara Fowler, Ashlyn Glann, Mary Noel, Katherine Sheridan, Laura Tarantino

One of  my two favorite club races of the year.  The store will be battling most all the best running clubs in the country.  The results a good benchmark for every participating club, for every traveling athlete.   This will be the first real test of the store’s effort to make a super team.  Results will let us know how progress is going.

Lest you misread, I’ve sent my two “A” Athletes to the store’s club in the last couple weeks.  Under$tanding  immediate be$t opportunitie$ for Liz Starbuck and Nicole Norris.  One of the hardest things I’ve ever done as a coach and club administrator.   It is about the Athletes, first, last, and always.