Organic.  Produced without the use of artificial agents.   A relation between elements of something such that they fit together harmoniously.

Organic Racing is the theme for our 2019 road race management efforts.

No constant facebook ads bombarding your news feed.  Not one of those mega races that dedicate x amount of your hard earned entry dollars to promoting more and ever more.  No cutesy gimmicks.  We have not produced a single flyer, poster, or any other paper product either.  Preferring to keep our events free, clean, and green.  Word of mouth (usually this large one!) our best and only ambassador.

Our 2019 Winter Fitness Series is modeled after our completely chemical free gardening lifestyle.  Farm Charm.  Everything from the awards to the refreshments and door prizes originating right here at the Bar None.  Organic.  It carries a deep meaning with us.

We are approaching our 6th time to host the series.  Linda once again spending countless hours handcrafting the participation awards.  Our happy hens producing pastured eggs as door prizes.  Home baked goodies.  Even our mile markers come from the property.  We do this out of a love for our sport, for the runners that want to pursue their fitness goals as well as camaraderie of those like minded.

America’s Marathon using the same model.  Not a flyer, not an ad, not necessary.  Taking our sport back to a simpler time, back to its organic origins.  When it was about running to your potential.  That is our greatest asset for April 27th.  Serious runners from all across the United States (15 represented so far) registered with just under 4 months to go, nearly 50% sold out without a dime of advertising.  Most chasing a BQ, many others going after our 5 hour time limit.  If you are over 2:30 approaching the half you will be directed to finish that distance.  If you are still on the course at 5 hours you’ll be picked up by our sweeper van.  What originated as mandate from City and County has become a beacon for those chasing dreams.

And we have quite a list of OTQ dreamers in our elite field.  Already 5 women with sub 2:50 personal bests.  A handful of fellas with sub 2:20s.  If you can’t run our race, please do come out and support these that hope to be on the start line in Atlanta for our 2020 USA Olympic Trials Marathon.

For the purity of the sport.  Organic Racing.