Fealty.  Sworn loyalty.  Obedience.

I had 4 rules for athletes that ran for me on Team Nebraska (’01-’12) and Run Guru Elite (’12-’18).
Rule #1- Always compete in Team Nebraska- Run Guru Elite Kit
Rule #2- Never compete for another club
Rule # 3- Love Linda and me -Tongue placed firmly in cheek-
Rule #4- As long as you follow #1 & #2, we could care less about rule #3.

Thanks to my old buddy for sending Lincoln Running Company Racing Nebraska’s Code of Conduct:

“As a member of Lincoln Running Company Nebraska, you are expected to exhibit attitudes and actions that display a positive and respectful attitude towards fans, opposing runners, race officials and others who (sic) you come into contact with while wearing any Lincoln Running Company Nebraska or Lincoln Running Company store apparel, no matter the outcome of the race.

As a member of the team, you are expected to set a positive example for those around you. Any actions deemed to be damaging to the character and reputation of Lincoln Running Company Nebraska or the Lincoln Running Company store will put your membership with the team in jeopardy. A member whose conduct is considered detrimental to the reputation of either the team or store will be subject to a review of their membership by the board.

By checking the box on the application regarding reading the personal conduct policy, you are agreeing to follow the code of conduct stated above and agree to do whatever necessary to enhance the reputation of Lincoln Running Company Nebraska and the Lincoln Running Company store, realizing the failure to do so will result in a review of membership.”

If you are unable to check the box, shoot me an email.  You don’t even have to love me.