Omaha has one.  Lincoln has one.  Nebraska has one.  Boston, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Des Moines, Kansas City, they all have one.  And many more.

This was the topic at the table yesterday with our Race Directors Tristan Nelson and Linda Kunasek.  We have fully transitioned to the name that most accurately reflects our efforts, our course, our passion, our experience.  American athletes.

Linda spent over 10 years as USATF Women’s Long Distance Running Athlete Development Coordinator, had a seat on the WLDR Executive Committee.  Learning from the very best advocates for American athletes.  She earned podium spots in both Road and Track USA Masters National Championships.  Linda was the USA Coach for the 2010 Chiba International Ekiden in Japan.  She knows running and racing and what it means to  those that are the most dedicated to our sport.

Tristan Nelson is only 21 but has already demonstrated a rare depth and breadth of commitment and dedication to our sport.  Nebraska’s USATF Long Distance Running Chair.  His 5 days at last month’s USATF Annual Meetings prompting this “My brain grew 35 years in a week.”  He will spend all day this Saturday with USATF Regional Certifier Gary Meyer, measuring America’s Marathon for Certification.

For our newest readers.  I’m a Veteran, US Navy.  Runner for 40 years, a couple National  Championship titles.  Thirty five years road race management experience.  USATF WLDR Athlete Development Coordinator, 1996-2002.   WLDR National Championships Chair, 2002-2009.  WLDR Executive Committee member.  USA Team Leader, 2000 World Championships Half Marathon, Vera Cruz, MX.  USA Coach, 2002 Chiba International Ekiden.  USA Team Leader, 2006 Yokohama International Ekiden.  USA Team Leader, 2008 World Championships Half Marathon, Rio de Janeiro.   Founder USATF Nebraska Association LDR program in 2001.

Your three founders of America’s Marathon.  Dedication to American athletes.  That is the answer.  Why America’s Marathon?

Linda and Tristan joining Mayor Smith of Valley and me.  Inviting you to come run America’s Marathon.  We have extended our early registration rates through January 10th.  Hope to see you there!  https://www.active.com/valley-ne/running/distance-running/valley-7-lakes-marathon-2019?int=