Hi, my name is Will and I’m a runner.  More specifically a life long running geek.  The hundred or so individuals at Saturday’s  Rust Buster can testify.  Completely jazzed about our top five finish times.  Equally so for the middle five and the final five.

Clarion call to personal excellence, regardless of talent, echoing between the Elkhorn and Platte River Bluffs.  Two Rivers State Park beckoning runners to “Come Run To Your Potential!”

The pancake flat, lightning fast 5K course, designed with serious intent.  Two laps of the closed road course offering everyone the opportunity to test their fitness.  Or to simply enjoy the scenic surroundings and shared camaraderie that makes our sport.

Nolan Zimmer led his LRCN mates to a top 5 sweep, setting a new USATF Certified and Sanctioned 5k Nebraska state record of 15:02.  A fine time that the best will put squarely in their sights.  I’m just as gleeful over Aimee Hough’s :03 personal best, I’ve busted her butt for the last 12 weeks, great progress as we head to April 27th’s America’s Marathon.

America’s Marathon.  Designed as two 13.1 mile loops, Gary Meyer and Tristan Nelson spending all day Saturday measuring Nebraska’s Only completely closed road, USATF Certified and Sanctioned marathon.  IAAF Record Eligible.  The Flattest Closed Road Marathon in the World.  By design.  For all of you.  Half Marathon too.  Right here between the  Elkhorn and Platte Rivers.  Three more days to sign up at our early registration rates.