The Super Blood Wolf Moon – the second eclipse of January and 2019 – is very unusual.   It will occur the night between January 20-21.  A supermoon combined with a total lunar eclipse, also known as a blood moon.  Supermoons occur when the moon is at its closest point to earth in its orbit.  Some actually believe it portends the end of days.  So you better get signed up for the Full Wolf Moon 5K on Saturday January 19th.  The forecast calls for another perfect day and it might be your last 5K ever!

My old buddy Al reminded me yesterday that I’m a walking omelet, that much egg on my face.  He rightfully pointed out that the Houston Marathon is Sunday the 20th, not this coming as reported.  Always the Sunday before Martin Luther King Day.  And, gasp, perhaps your last if you believe Nostradamus.

One thing that ends with certainty is tomorrow night’s early registration rates for America’s Marathon!  We had extended it to the 10th for the tardy and undecided.  Goes up a mere $10 so still won’t break piggy banks.

Linda’s handcrafted participation award, Bar None ephemera, collect the whole set for your award display or next year’s Christmas tree!