Follow up to Hey Nobody just one year ago.  Today a cautionary tale to Generation Z.

Facial Recognition.  Voice Recognition.  Gesture Recognition.  Access Recognition.  Implantation Recognition.  Location Recognition.  Anticipation Recognition.

Robots.  Mobots.  Make the bed.  Make the bread.  Qiub to fold your clothes.  NanOScent to pick your nose.    Smart homes surrounding a hub.  Digital drivers delivering your grub.   Simulation, Virtual space.  Stimulation, Virtual face.    Impossible Burger tastes like real!  Synthetic bodies with a fleshy feel!  Voice commands, Real you’ll swear.  Artificial hands, Taking you there!  Kohler Smart to wipe your ass, all this tech a modern gas!  4G, 5G, 8G too. Electronics doing it all for you.  Completely connected, your lives directed.  No need to choose!  No Free Will blues!  So hard to make a choice?  Let the coffee grinder be your voice!

I called VSAthletics yesterday and ordered a hand held printing stopwatch to time our Winter Series.  Asked the person on the other end if Joe Rubio was still the owner (met him in ’03, his wife from Council Bluffs).  The same instant Joe recommended as a facebook friend on my computer.  Frikkin bizarre, frikkin scary.

And maybe it is only me.  Pining for the way it used to be.