I’ll dive deeper into our USA Olympic Trials Marathon in an upcoming column.  Today I tip my sombrero to Your own marathon trials.  I’ve had my ear to the ground for the last couple of years, listening intently to marathoners in Nebraska.  Your footfalls filled with determination, dedication, and perspiration.  I’ve coupled those echoes with my own experiences and expectations.

Our America’s Marathon-Valley 7 Lakes race committee the result of what you have laid down.  You work hard in pursuit of your marathon, as it should and must be.  It has taken a year of standing barefoot in the skillet, Douglas County and the City of Valley rendering answers.  We hope that serious marathoners in Nebraska and beyond will join us.

We are offering a 26.2 mile tour on the wide open roads of Western Douglas County.  Pancake flat, lightning fast.  Capped our entries at 500 runners for our first annual.  Have a 5 hour time limit.

We’ll keep our ears to the ground, listening to you.  Doing what we can for your own marathon trials.