Almost went with “14 HOURS STRAIGHT”.  Up and at em yesterday morning.  Flock now numbering 55 birds.  Two cats.  Jedediah.  350 tomatoe plants started in pots, same number of peppers, half that of eggplant, and more.  All need tended daily.

We picked and washed for market last night, Olde Town Elkhorn is as bohemian as the Old Market.  We have our foot in that door and I’m happy about that.  Here’s a secret:  A new microbrewery going in this fall.  A bunch of like minded merchants that see Potential in the small town charm.

Maximo’s Mexican restaurant is muy autentico!  Boyd & Charlie’s BBQ.  Bella Vita Italian.  And we tried out Shevy’s Sports Bar & Grill for the first, but not last, time last night.  “Mom” had bought some produce from us and invited us down for dinner after.  Glad we went.

A trio from Omaha I still want to run with.  One of them relaxing with a cocktail when we walked in.  I nearly walked past before Tom Lewis corraled me.  He is one.  Dave Sutej, you are another.  And Gary Dougherty makes three.

These three fellas were privy to a chapter of my life that I still have yet to fully explain, other than owning up to my end.  That is what I want, why I want.  To thank them together.  To reflect on the hows and whys of the birth of competitive long distance running in Nebraska.


Hirsch.  Greder.  Somers. McGinn. Jennings.  Williams.  Larsen.  Lindgren.

No question that this track and field season, high school style, is peaking at just the right time.  Incredible performances highlighted by some of the fastest times in Nebraska history.   Districts and State will feature some truly epic battles.

My dark horse to medal at State will be Sam Lindgren, tossing the stone for Wahoo.

Let’s all sit back and watch what these kids do head to head, where and when it matters most.  What’s at stake?  Pride.  Bragging rights.  The history books.

Sound familiar?



1 + 1 = 2

It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

With the Lincoln Marathon and Half Marathon this weekend there are any number of anxieties conjured.  The best advice I can give you is to Keep It Simple.  All the details you think are important may just be costing you nervous energy.

What color socks?  Give me a break.  Which music for my headphones.  You better not run for me and show up looking that way.  When should I make my move?  At the start.  How should I pace myself?  As you trained up silly.  Should I wear a fanny pack?  I won’t even go there.

I lauded LRC and TN earlier this week, sure that the blue & yellow and red & white will have a large presence.  NRGE, Inc. President, Linda Kunasek insisting today I  reveal our full roster, here goes:
Lincoln Half
Amber Sargent
Stacy Shaw
Nicole Norris
David Frost
Drew Prescott
Jay Welp
Grant Wintheiser

Lincoln Full
Ashley Schurman
Matt Olberding
Bryan Sypal
Agustin Delgado
Jeff Gregg
Jeremy Morris
Cameron Cummings
Jerrod Anzalone

Cat is out of the bag now.  I do believe our numbers in the full will  rival our rivals.  And our finishes in the half will set the standard for USATF Clubs in Nebraska.  I’m equally as proud, if not as “voiceterous” of every member of the club that will carry our singlet to the start and finish lines.

You train your ass off for 4 months, show up, run your race.

1 + 1 = 2.





It was like losing a friend.  I bought the  1997 Expedition brand new.  Changed the oil every 3000 miles.  Averaged less than 9K miles/year.  Never wrecked, well kept.  Instantly recognizable with RUN GURU license plates, those now officially retired.

I sold it to a fella from Council Bluffs yesterday, for barely more than a song.  Bought it for his daughter, I got the feeling she was thrilled.

Think about that for a moment, how that might inform some of the letters I combine.  Twenty years driving the same vehicle.  Speaks to loyalty.  Speaks to TLC.  Appreciating the intrinsic value of something.  Tried to pass it along to one of my own, seemed like a natural transition.  That appreciation didn’t fruit out with her.  So with a sad heart I listed it yesterday and immediately had 15-20 people clamoring.  Gone within a couple hours.




Or, timing is everything.  Or, Good Clean Living.

The USA Half Marathon National Championships were yesterday in Columbus, OH.  There were some fast times and great competition.  Let’s get a Nebraskan in the  champs next year!  Those that were half fast got in under the wire, an estimated 4-5K people were pulled off the course due to torrential rains.

Those same rains inundated our swath of the country.  Mostly non stop sheets yesterday.  Thank goodness the Good Mother’s Graces brought them yesterday instead of in a mere six days.   The Lincoln Marathon and Half Marathon look to be Perfect weather wise.

I heard a jaw dropping fact this weekend, still haven’t been able to wrap my head around it.  Participation in “Obstacle Races” now surpasses the combined total of marathon and half marathons in the United States. Our sport of running, corrupted, bastardized, co-opted into an unrecognizable mass of untrained, non racing, kind of running but not really, first timers mostly, all about the something I can’t figure.

But not all obstacle racers are non runners.  Some runners turn into obstacle racers.  I’m coaching one right now for the Lincoln Half.  Robert Borer may well surprise everyone except himself and me.

Odds are.  Who you picking for the “W”s this coming weekend?  I haven’t seen the invited elite field but I figure LRC Racing and Team Nebraska will be omnipresent on the start line.

I’d be devious, coy, disrespectful, and remiss not to mention those two cats that tore up State Farm on the crappiest day in memory.


Drew and Grant are looking forward to Sunday!
20170304_083507Jay Welp too!




I was a stay at home dad from 1992-2012.  For all intents and purposes, twenty years a single parent.  Tried my very hardest to raise three children in the midst of chronic, raging, abusive alcoholism.  Five years ago she hit bottom and I ran out of hope.

Silver lining is I found myself.

My son Miles Lindgren turns 25 today.  I love him.  And haven’t seen him in exactly five years.

I’ve lost countless nights sleep thinking about him, and my two  daughters.  How I should have taken them out of the terrible situation.  Now back with their mom- I’ve always been told the kids go with the money, all three now refuse to see me.    These are the demons that keep me awake at night.

But I was young once too.  I hated my own mom for  her alcoholism, the beatings, the shame.

Hated my dad for putting up with her.

But I changed.  I  grew up and realized that  there are always two sides to every story and if you only hear one you are missing the whole.  I saw that there are people  that had it much, much worse than I did.  Realized that my mom, given her upbringing, did as best she could.  And I forgave her.

Miles, I still have hope for you, for us.


I did  the best I could.


You’re a man now Miles and I miss the hell out of you.







Nope, the Grand Blue Mile over in Des Moines.   Part of the Drake Relays.  A van full of Nebraskans ranging far for first class competition.

Ross Lorber- 4:35.82, 3rd 25-29
Cory Logsdon- 4:45.74, 7th 25-29
Josiah Belzer- 4:48.99, 11th 25-29
Craig Christians- 5:29.35, 4th 55-59
Bob Garcia- 5:50.61, 2nd 60+
Jen Freeman-5:51.25, 2nd 35-39



I thought I had a Tight Grip on things.  Skilled and practiced grasp necessary for that type of work.  Ascending to greater heights, encouraging others by modeling.  Things were going my way.

Not my first rodeo so I knew enough to Be Careful.  But the higher I got, the more cocky I became.  Reached for more than was prudent.  Not that I hadn’t had that rung before, but the burden of an ever expanding tool belt, that one additional tool as it were, is what brought me down.

All of this went through my mind Sunday on the quick trip from 7 feet above to the ground.  Landed on what some would call my best side.  Cracking my forearm on a pile of inadequate studs.  Hematomas coloring pride and flesh.

And after The Fall, Right Back Up.


If you want something built right you have to do it yourself.  You should expect a fall or two along the way but if you really believe in what you are doing all the bumps and bruises are worth it.  This time each piece of wood hand selected, measured and precisely cut.  A sound structure able to withstand the most blusterous, bullying winds.  Standing the test of time while lesser structures rock and roll across the plains.


My buddy Jim Braden has owned the Fleet Feet on Rice Blvd in Houston for over 40 years.  My buddies Jim and Camille Estes have owned the Fleet Feet in Louisville, KY for just about as long.  Fleet Feet Atlanta.  Fleet Feet Tulsa.  Fleet Feet.  Fleet Feet.  Fleet Feet.

I was employee number one for Red Dirt Omaha.  Linda was employee # 2.   I was still with Team Nebraska and got to introduce Red Dirt to my vision of excellence in athletics.  I lasted less than 60 days.  Red Dirt lasted 5 years.

Fleet Feet Lincoln.  Fleet Feet Omaha.




Biggest tip of the sombrero to Peter Falcon.  Next biggest to Colin Morrissey.

These two lads arrived at Team Nebraska just during my exit, neither would “run for me”.  I had anticipated their post collegiate careers, had high expectations.  But these things take time.

Peter ran 30:42 on the track at the Kansas Relays this past weekend.  15:28, 15:12 splits.  Unless I’m mistaken, the fastest 10K by a Team Nebraska runner since Aaron Carrizales’ 29:31 in 2004.

I’m proud that every Team Nebraska men’s club record, excepting Eric Lund’s  51.62 400M Hurdles, occurred prior to my departure in 2012.  And every women’s club record excepting Ashley Miller’s hatful of road and track marks from 2013.

All club marks, regardless of kit, are the legacy that future generations should chase.

Those marks, they are Worth The Wait.