The Morning Blend is a KETV Channel 3 mainstay here in Omaha.  9-10 every morning, hosted by Mike DiGiacamo.  They’ve had my mug up there before touting the Vala’s Monster Dash and  Omaha Mile.  Being on television is no big deal.  I’ve been interviewed dozens of times, all across the  U.S.  And once in Japan.  Talking about running and racing has always come easy.

If you’ve the notion you can tune in tomorrow morning.  Linda and I won’t be talking running though, rather we’ll be talking about what is fresh and in season at Bar None Produce.

As always, we will be set up at Village Pointe Farmer’s Market from 8:30-12:30 Saturday morning.

Blending our passions of Nebraska Run Guru Elite, Inc. and Farm To Table, best organic practices, locally sourced produce.

Excellence In.  Excellence out.



Charity.  The most abusive aspect of our sport.  We once offered running to deserving groups as a fundraising tool.  Now the tool owns the sport.

You must allow me this.   I have volunteered as much or more than anyone else for this sport.  My time you see has value.  I  donate it.   I’m charitable to running, not from it.

I hardly recognize this.  What charity has done to our sport.  A just barely visible outline of Real Racing, leaving some running purists outside their own passion.

I say the Real Runners Take It Back!  No longer having our shots called by stuffed shirts and  arses that have never pushed themselves beyond comfort.  Bean counters and civic pros completely at a loss as to what 42 kilometers equals.

Our only other hope is to get Real Runners in position of power, both civically and in our local club leadership.  Those that would value Competition and Records over dollars turned over.  Those that Run the Race instead of pose with the winners.  Those that will rise and run again tomorrow.


Not quite half way through the year, here are some personal favorite competitive highlights:

Jay Welp coming around the State Farm campus ahead of Colin Morrissey and Johnny  Rutford, arguably two of Team Nebraska and LRC Racing’s best 5K runners.

Grant Wintheiser clocking 50:51 at the 10 Mile  the  same morning, nearly breaking Kurt Keiser’s 20+ year old record.

The Lincoln Half Marathon.  Grant showing Nebraska the way, his mate Jay running tough to put two NRGE athletes in the  top 10, only club in Nebraska to do so.

Jay Welp showing he  fears no  other runner.  Setting a new course  record (8:33) at the venerable Havelock 3K last Saturday.  How  impressive was his race?  Peter Falcon in 2nd (8:48) set a new Team Nebraska road 3K club record.

How many fellas you know that have outrun  Johnny Rutford and Peter Falcon and Colin Morrissey?  Only Jay.

We welcome Mark Abrams to Nebraksa Run Guru Elite.  Mark was 3 time GPAC 10000 meter champion including 2017’s title (32:04).  He will play a key part in our continued efforts to become the top USA Track & Field club in Nebraska.


Get used to these boys.  Sam has battled Zack for the last few years.  Their lack of fear of competition has led to a resurgence in my hopes for the future of Nebraska distance running.  Fun fact:  Seth Hirsch’s middle school mile best was 4:39, Sam’s 4:46.


Jackson, age 11, showing the fierceness common to those sporting the NRGE kit.




Long ago and far away……  Cock of the Walk High Level Training and Meditation Center.   In the mid 2-aughts I used the fictional setting to launch a vision.  Insulated as I was in West O is the Best O,  an absurd notion, no idea that it would/could become reality.

We aren’t quite enlightened, but we are learning to try.
Working  with athletes, teaching them  to fly

Last week at the Bar None (CWHLTMC).

The Runde boys Monday.  Robert Borer Tuesday.  Tristan Nelson Wednesday.  Grant Wintheiser Saturday.  Jay Welp and Mark Abrams Sunday evening.  That’s a typical week of athletes.  It was the group that came out to run yesterday morning that has left a better man.

There was a whole lot to catch up on, we hadn’t been together as a group for maybe 10 years.  These fellas that were there in the  beginning.  Watched the birth, witnessed messy growing pains of USATF LDR in Nebraska.   Enlightenment and Growth dependent on making make peace with these cats that saw it all.   There’s still a few on my  list…..


Dave Sutej.  Gary Dougherty.  Tom Lewis.  These guys heard me rage that I wasn’t in Nebraska to make friends but to build a program.   I told them on our run that was still the case, but the  friends I have made, especially those that shared the battle and are willing to forgive, are so very appreciated.  Thanks fellas for being Real Friends.



Desiccated by ages.  Ancient seeds.   A single drop of rain bringing life anew.  Wonder.
Man no such phoenix.  Upright hands and chin, receiving blessings.  One shot  Wonder.



Thanks to my new buddy Don for the save!  Always some maintenance at the Bar None, some more unexpected than the rest.  The sand point well in the barn provides water after our stock tanks are exhausted, an integral part of our operation.  The old pump took a crap last week, I took it out and started to replace the aged galvanized fittings.  A break in the threads just above the floor left me no recourse but to call in a heavy hitter.

AWS in Mead, big tip of the sombrero!


Fast and friendly.  The well is better than ever thanks to the experts at AWS!


The first set went on display June 27, 2016 at the Road To Omaha 5K.  The second set flashed briefly on Monday at Boys Town 5 Mile.


Kevin Joerger (left) took the lead and held it until the last half mile at last year’s Road To Omaha 5K.  Seth Hirsch finally caught him on the last hill.  The ONLY time I’ve seen real huevos on the streets of Omaha.


I don’t know whom this young lad is but he had the balls to go out with Seth for the first 3/4 mile on Monday.  You can see by the gap back to third that no other man was in the race.



Resumed my cat bird seat at the annual  Seth Show.  Lead bike at Boys Town 5 Mile for the  umpteenth time.  Young master Hirsch didn’t disappoint.  The “W” in 24:27 a course record.  Over four minutes ahead of 2nd place.  The  tape had barely hit the pavement before some of the oldsters insisted Tim Dooling’s 24:10 in 1986, on a different course (same hills), was not to be dismissed.

The most competitive race of the spring/summer/year in Omaha.  At least it used to be.

Is it the hills?  Is it the fear of the young jedi?  What the hell is it?  Jen Freeman took  the “W” for the ladies, the single athlete, the only racer, male or female, from either Team Nebraska or LRC Racing or Women  Run Nebraska.  Why do they thumb their noses at this classic?

14 year old Sam Runde (13th o/a in 30:52) and 11 year old Jackson Runde and 20 year old Tristan Nelson and 51 year old  Stacy Shaw were in NRGE Kit.  Tim Fry and Michael Bickley brought several Club 402 runners to the party too.  So there’s still hope.

Only one person in Nebraska could have run with Seth, he was out at the Bar None, running sixteen miles at 5:15 pace (half marathon plus :15).  Grant Wintheiser has a mission in Duluth.

Angee Henry Nott made her NRGE debut in Atlanta a barn burner.  Part of the new 4 X 100 American Record for masters females.  We are privileged and honored that Angee has chosen to  run for us.


Angee is a Nebraska icon.  Ran for me under the old Red & White, and will now carry our NRGE kit into the record  books!









I snapped the laptop shut as soon as Linda rounded the corner.  Felt my ears get warm and my cheeks flush with embarrassment.

“But honey, the curves were just too tempting!”  “I was just exploring!”  “I saw a sweet little number that we could both enjoy!”

She doesn’t mind when we look at it together.  Insists on it in fact.  But I just can’t help  sneak a peek when she steps out of the room.  The thrill of getting caught only  heightening the experience, elevating the rush.

Trulia, you little temptress!  Missoula, Durango, Bend, Ashville.  I’ll be 60 in 6 months and 2 days.   And while I don’t plan on going anywhere soon, I  admit that we’ve been looking at our favorite parts of the Estados Unidos.

Not wander lust.   Shaping where and what our next and last digs will look like.  Acreage.  Mountain views.  Log home.  Banana Belt.




Whispers drifting eastward.  Who is running with whom, where, which “camp” they are throwing allegiance to.  Whispers don’t tell the full story though.

The camp in Waterloo tacks loud and proud.  No guesses about whos, what’s, or whys.  In it to win it.

Angee Henry is making her Nebraska Run Guru Elite, Inc. debut at the Atlanta International Relays this weekend.  One of, if not the fastest master sprinters in the United States.

Grant Wintheiser just three weeks away from the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon in Duluth.  I’m feeling confident in Grant eclipsing Mike Morgan’s state record 1:04:48 (2005 USA Half Marathon National Champs, still a Nebraska resident running for my good old red and white).

Jay Welp is champing at the bit.  And we both are tipping sombreros to Derek Fey for undertaking the Augean Stable effort of hosting a Real Track & Field Meet in the heart of WECRAWL.  The first post collegiate meet in Omaha since 2012, the Jim McMahon Memorial on June 10 will be Jay’s opportunity to showcase some mile speed.  His  4:21 time trial last week serving notice, cock-a-doodle-doo.

Summer camp, what fun!