They say you can’t know a man until you walk a mile in his shoes.  I’ll add to that.  You can’t really know a man until you’ve been similarly clothed. I’ve finally decided to pull the trigger.  A story now ready to be told. Thirty five plus years in our sport.   This Running Life […]


Life sometimes lobs a softball at you.  Plunking you squarely on the noggin and creating one of those moments in life you’ll never forget.  Casual everyday existence punctuated by the disruptive nature of chaos unexpected.  Part of what makes life strange and amazing. Spent yesterday afternoon in the ER with my dear sweet Alli.   […]


Runners and dreamers we’re one and the same.  I’ve got all my bases covered now that my quilt is finished, -Nov. 7, 2018 I’m In Stitches Big Tips to neighbor Becky, seamstress extraordinaire.  Thirty five squares part history book, part heirloom, all treasure. You can see here about half of the huge piece.  My marathons, […]


The Warrior and the Tailor. A veteran of many wars was traversing the prairie.   Seeking an agrarian home.  His travels brought him to StatusQuomaha.  There he met an old man sewing stitches.  The octogenarian insisting his needlework was finest in the land. The Warrior was shocked at such declaration.  “Where lies the magic in […]


Thanks to a good buddy that sent me this link:  johnmaxwellonleadership.com  The column titled “When You Get Kicked in the Rear, You Know Your Out Front” spoke to me with great voice. I got a big kick in the rear on Monday afternoon.  Despite being conscientious, loyal, and hard working I find myself without a […]