Maslow proposed his infamous Hierarchy of Needs in 1943, describing fulfillment of basic criteria for mankind to be happy.  Pyramid in shape (see below), you must satisfy the base before moving to the next and more upper esoteric levels.  The famed psychologist would feather out additional needs but the gist remains.

I have insisted for the last 40 years that the very tip should be delineated with “Service to Others.”  When I moved here in 2001 I used a favorite quote to describe what my Road To Omaha would be “Love All, Serve All.”  A lofty and utterly pie-in-the-sky mantra as I would soon find out.  But that story gentle readers, best told in a quiet and dark corner over a double pour of Oban.

The foundation of my road soon shifted to, “Stimulating The Running Community To A More Competitive Culture” achieved with the formation of Team Nebraska Brooks.  The tale of that well executed demise and transition to the current captains of our state’s best athletes will cost you yet another double.

I have to be in charge of my own journey.  I Must.  I Will.  The Road Less Traveled.  As should You.  Don’t let others dictate which road you must take.  Make your travels your own.

Is there a Better Road?  It is for You to Decide.