Doug is an old buddy of mine.  He’s lived his life his own way, somehow, some way, in the heart of one of America’s largest cities.

Will:  We go back a long way.  Used to have some  pretty epic battles back in the day.  Any favorite memories from the wars?

Doug:  Yes, the Turkey Trot RRCA 10 Miler in Orange, TX.  I was running the race of  my life and after the turnaround I dropped the *(chase) pack.  I think you were in second but the first place person was some young kid from Lamar University.  You saw that you couldn’t catch him and apparently started cruising.  That’s when I saw I was catching you and I did which also apparently triggered an oh-shit moment for you because you put the hammer down and  smoked me.

Will:  You turned me on to Oban Scotch.  Some pretty high falootin liquor there.  Any other  favorites?

Doug; Yeah, Flour de Cana Rum.  The Arran Single Malt scotch (less expensive than Oban) and Balvene Double Wood scotch.

Will:  You’ve been known to enjoy good  cigars.  Any plans  to visit Havana soon?

Doug:  ASAP.  Tomorrow if possible.  I want to see it  unspoiled  by American Tourism.

Will:  I never realized you were an outstanding photographer.  When did this become such a passion?

Doug:  I got my first SLR because we were required to have one to major in Geology at Baylor University.  Bought it at the bookstore and had 3-years to pay it  off.  We had  a darkroom in the department which lent itself to lots of indulgences besides photography.  This was 1973 and the photographers eye developed from there.  There are many, many others out there that are much better than I am, though.

Will: My  favorite ones  are those that capture the true spirit of Terlingua.  Care to educate my readers on what makes  that part of the country so magical.

Doug: You said it…….It’s magic.  Few places on the planet where you can  get the differing climactic changes from the water around  the Rio Bravo del Norte,  to the deep desert ,to the high desert, to the alpine  areas of the Chisos  Mountains.  Not to mention, it is a Geologist’s paradise.  Fell in love with it in 1974 on a field trip put on by

Will:  Can you share a couple of your favorites?

Doug:  **See photos following interview**

Will: Please share your philosophy on life.

Doug:   The Dude Abides.  “Find you place on the planet, dig in and take responsibility from there”- Gary Snyder

Will:  You also enjoy a bit of notoriety as a hard assed coach.  Who instilled that in you?

Doug: Same as you:  Jim McLatchie.  However I also got my philosophies from Al Lawrence, Jon Warren, and Clyde Hart.

Will:  Favorite running memory?

Doug:  Probably the day I met my wife  at the Conoco Rodeo Run.  She ran a minute faster than I did and when she went by, my thought was “damn she looks good in those tights”.  My momma told me never to run with fast women but I never listened to my momma.  Close second was my 2:49:51 marathon at Dallas White Rock with Al Lawrence as my coach.  At mile 20 he told  me I  would not go under 2:50 unless I sucked it  up.  First time under 3:00 and second marathon finish.

Will: One big life goal you still have to achieve?

Doug:  See my kids succeed followed  by a canoe trip down the  Lower Canyons of the Rio Bravo del Norte.



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