The Good Life Halfsy did what I’ve been trying to do (with occasional success) in Nebraska since 2001.  Ben Cohoon, good on you.  You brought in one of  my oldest buddies (Mr. Fabulous- Fernando-2nd in 1:04:53) and  Iowa Run Ablaze’s Brogan Austin (1st in 1:04:08).   Al Sanabria (unattached) the first runner from Nebraska, 3rd overall in 1:06:45.  LRC Racing’s Katie Wetzstein running 1:15:26 to lead the women, Pasca Myers of Ft. Dodge Iowa next in 1:16:42, LRC Racing’s Mary Hillis 3rd overall in 1:20:51, an iron women performance considering her running 1:21:03 at the Des Moines Half just seven days earlier.

Personal bests by almost all the locals.  Certified and Sanctioned.

The Tulsa Run down in Okieville was square on the LRC Racing Master’s calendar.  Michelle Paxton (3rd o/a 59:59) leading the women to the 40+ team title.  LRC also winning the men’s 50+ team title.  Team age group Titles.  I like that.  LRC sending down 15 athletes to compete in a USATF National Championships.  I like that.  How deep is LRC?  Deep and getting deeper.  Their women’s team now as formidable as the men.

USATF.  My program, my passion, my work.  Now in its 17th year in Nebraska, hot, alive and well.