You know what comes after Alpha.  Everything else.  Having this big old hound dog has given me a truer understanding of pack mentality.  When we moved in at the Bar None we were warned about several “free running” dogs, including Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Mastiffs, and Catahoulas.  The supposed Big Dogs with a history of roguish behavior.  Jedediah could care less about their breed or reputations.  He walks with held head high, amused or at least disinterested instead of afraid.  And the rest of the curs have picked up on his superiority, based solely on posture and demeanor, and grudgingly ceded their thrones.

If it only worked that easily in the humansphere.  The mongrels among us have opposable thumbs and mouths that speak.  One of the ways to identify an Alpha is by the amount of growling and barking dished in their direction.  And almost always when the Alpha is otherwise engaged on behalf of the pack.  Nip and retreat, nip and retreat.  Betas are universally cowards when dealing face to face with an Alpha.  Prefer to growl and snivel and whimper only when there is no threat of dominant reprisal.

Interesting stuff huh?

Wishing my dearest, sweetest Katie a happy 17th birthday today.  Over the last 6 months that  we’ve had full custody it has been wonderful to see her pick up and endear country nuances.  To appreciate a moment’s quiet, see seedlings sprout, hear the cock’s morning crow, count the vast and endless stars at night.  And a Loving Home full of mutual respect and visions shared.  All Good and Real things.  This then is my best gift to her.


A couple of Alphas enjoying yesterday along the Platte River.