Front page of the OWH this morning.  “City Could Reach for Waterloo”

Travis Harlow is Village Board President, Chief of the Volunteer Fire Dept., local business owner and everyone’s  buddy.  He’s vested.  And he’s 100% against someone else calling shots over his community.  Has dug his heels in that Waterloo knows what is best for Waterloo.

Refuses to be beholding to some master across the Elkhorn River.

Our little community is just fine thank you.  Blue collars mostly, surrounded by affluent Curtis Acres, Mallard Landing, and West Shores.  It’s those $$ that the Mayor covets most.  She’s certainly not concerned about the B and C level citizenry.  She’s after the crème de la crème.  Hoping to boost her own stock by co-opting an unwilling populace.  Gaining the stranglehold and then pushing mediocre programs down unwilling gullets.

These Blue Collars are not to be underestimated though.  They don’t like some yonder piper playing the lead.

Going to be interesting.