I’ve offered a steady diet of opinions in this blog, 6 years under RGS, 9 years under Team Nebraska dot com.  Low estimate is 4500 columns.  That’s a heaping helping!

I know at least a couple of people that have consumed them all and several more that have digested the entire RGS main course.  My hope as a writer is the same as when I’m toqued,  literary umami.  I’ve served up a veritable smorgasbord towards that end.  Always a touch of salt, often spicy to downright fiery.  Dense, meaty subjects, tough to chew, harder to swallow.  Occasionally  dusting your plates with sweetness,  dearest Linda having ameliorated my bitterest edges.  Savory fillings that get to the basics.

Crafting words into a recipe that “Stimulates The Running Community to a More Competitive Culture.”

There’s going to be a new kid on the block pretty soon and I hope you’ll give him a read.  Valley 7 Lakes Marathon Race Director Tristan Nelson will launch his  new site in the next couple  of weeks.  Tristan is the Present and Foreseeable Future of USATF LDR in Nebraska.  He has demonstrated a refreshing if not startling alacrity for our sport.  Since founding the program in 2001 I’ve offered/attempted to mentor a dozen young men and women into the USATF leadership opportunities.  Tristan has grasped the role like no other and is determined to make his own mark, have his own say, cook up his own spread.  Twenty two years old, his perspective is  going to be completely different if reminiscent of mine.  The Future.  Its here.

This unopened box of Wheaties is part of my memorabilia collection (so is the 30th anniversary Living History Farms crockery.)  I was in the Olympic Stadium in Atlanta when Michael Johnson ran 19.32 to shock the world for the Gold Medal.  Breakfast of Champions.  We hope you’ll open your mornings with Run Guru Says and Ketchup Kid.  You Are What You Eat.