A week out now from 62.  Here’s a little Sage Wisdom from my own personal experiences.

  1. Not everyone will agree with you.  **There is no such thing as universal  consensus
  2. Not everyone will like you.  **An unavoidable fact of  life.
  3. Some will agree with you.  **Odds are in favor of that
  4. Some will like you.  **Count yourself  lucky.  You may never know whom they  really are
  5. Some will agree and  like you.  **Real Friends.  Few and far between
  6. Some  will disagree and like you. **Your best bets!  They help you grow and learn
  7. Some will agree and dislike you.   **That’s ok too!  See #2

Here’s my bottom line.  All these people will be, in some measure, in your life.  Each are entitled to their own opinions, likes, and dislikes.  As you mature you realize and accept this.   Love them all.  The ones you like, the ones you dislike, the ones that support you, the ones that tear you down.

I have no hate in my repertoire, no matter whom may try and tell you otherwise.  My harshest critics?  Love them.  Those that have inflicted my greatest wounds?  Love them.  Its your choice, you can be a Lover or a Hater.  These are my words.  The horses mouth as it were.

Love All,  Serve All.