Doesn’t everyone that runs have that certain little spark?  That question?  Can I do better?  Once the euphoria of participation/completion wears off, don’t you wonder?  Was there only one person in the race that you thought you should have finished in front of?  Just one?  Did it ever cross your mind the selfie you took at mile 2 cost you almost a minute?  Some runners can emphatically answer no to all  of  the above.  They’re not Racers.

Today I’m talking to you, the Racers!  You tangent running, gun time racing, pr seeking, double knotting, elbow throwing, name taking, belt notching, peak no tapering, in it  to win it types!

If you’re a racer then you stand  to benefit the most from exactly what it is I have been doing for the last 20 years, now more so than ever.  Creating opportunities to run to your potential.  USATF Certified.  Completely closed roads.  Pancake flat.  Competition.

Our Two Rivers Winter Fitness Series fills that bill.  Our Rust Buster results from this past January.
Nolan Zimmer 15:02
John Cleary 15:25
Tim Meyer 15:26
Cole Marolf 15:32
Nolan Border 15:34

Valley 7 Lakes Marathon,  the, well you know,  Flattest Completely  Closed Road Marathon in the World.  April 25, 2020.

The Valley Days  1500 Meters.  Flat, and smoking fast.  August 8, 2020.

The Twin Rivers YMCA Half Marathon, legit Olympic Trials qualifying course.

But first ask yourself, Are You A Racer?