Just another way to say “In It To Win It!”  Going to borrow some lines from the Samsung Galaxy II advertisement:

“Nobody ever set their sights on second place.
Who aspires to be almost remembered?
There’s a reason there are no giant foam fingers that say “We’re number 3″.
No one wants to tell an average joke, make an underwhelming entrance, go out with a whimper.
No one ever stood in front of a mirror with a hairbrush pretending to be the tambourine player.
And there are definitely more kids dressed as Batman, than Robin.
We all aspire.”

You have to dream baby.  And I had another one last night, this one ended the same with our Co-Ed team finishing 1st Overall at tomorrow’s Mkt2Mkt Relay.  And again, our Open Men taking 2nd Overall.  But this time the order was as described by Team Captain Peter vd Westhuizen, like this:
Stage 1- David Adams, The Demoralizer
Stage 2- Matt Schneider, The Billy Goat
Stage 3- Linda Barnhart, You Can’t Catch Her
Stage 4- Peter vd Westhuizen, Bye Bye
Stage 5- Emily Langdon, You Think You Can, You Think You Can
Stage 6- Will Lindgren, Give Me Your Hills, I Make Them Mine
Stage 7- Carole Swanson, Nanny Nanny Boo Boo
Stage 8- Eric Rasmussen, Just So You Know

So it is written, so it shall be done!

After long discussions yesterday Peter, Linda, & I decided that as El Presidente I should have the privilege of running the most difficult stages.  We don’t want anyone thinking that I threw myself on this team to simply ride the Gravy Train to Victory.  I want to Earn my piece of this legacy and would have none of the “easier” stages.  And it just might give those other TNB rascals some glimmer of false hope, their disappointment will be so much gravy on the biscuit of our morning!

This event was first contested in 2008.  I was in Rio de Janeiro as the Team Leader for our USA World Championships Half Marathon squad that weekend.  I hadn’t paid much attention to Mkt2Mkt and several of our mates were poached to be on another team (a recurring theme through the years).   Upon my return from Brazil and looking at the results I accepted full responsibility for the oversight and vowed to never let that happen again!   Mkt2Mkt has thus become not only a litmus test of team fealty but an opportunity for those with the greatest sense of Team Pride to raise the banner and continue the tradition of Excellence in Nebraska.  Giddyup!

“I promise on my faith that I will in the future be faithful to the team, never cause it harm and will observe my homage to it completely against all persons in good faith and without deceit.”

Not asking much eh?  There’s a reason there are no giant foam fingers that say “We’re number 3”.

Today is the last day to get the early registration rate for the Vala’s Pumpkin Patch Monster Dash 5K!  Be sure to go to and get registered!!

Aspirations are what brought me from these humble beginnings.  This is the first house I lived in, a family of 5 crammed into tight quarters, with dreams being my only avenue out.