Linda and I haven’t run in 18 days, not by choice.  Unable at first, unwilling secondarily.  Seemed too selfish in light of the massive amount of work both here and at the neighbors.  We’re ready to get back after it, life does go on.

For the first time in many, many years I’m not preparing an athlete for the Boston Marathon.   Liberating.  Their pain my pain.  Their hopes my hopes.

World Cross came and went.

The IAAF adjusting the Olympic qualifying standards maybe the biggest news over the last couple of weeks.  Just as quickly as they eased the standards on the last Olympic cycle they have turned the screws hard to tighten again.  If you made (or make) the Trials this Olympiad count yourself fortunate.  You’re going to need to run a hell of a lot faster for 2024.

Nebraska’s oldest consecutively run trail race is this coming Saturday.  Our 13th annual Nebraska Trail Run.  Originally Ni-Bthaska-Ke was a fundraiser for Team Nebraska Brooks, enabling us to send athletes around the U.S.  Now just a little mom and pop operation. While most of you will be sipping mimosas and partying like its 1999, we’ll be putting on a race like its 1999.

I want to thank the Eugene Marathon for accepting our Valley 7 Lakes Marathon Elite field.  Same weekend, no strings attached.

Until next time, Giddyup!