Or, the best Bar None.  The Quad County Fava, Lima, And Garbanzo (FLAG) growers association has recognized our efforts with the Golden Legume Award Designation (GLAD).  Of course this is purely fictional.  What is real is that we continue to make a name for ourselves as the only completely chemical free market garden in the Omaha Metro.  We will be introducing our new intern to the operation this morning.

All our balls and pins in the air this week.  Juggling Saturday’s Nebraska Trail Run, planting season and Valley 7 Lakes Marathon.  Deftly moving between each, all with one hand tied behind my back.   This will be the best Trail Run in its 12 year history.  Our market product simply the best.  The 7 Lakes Marathon (brought to you by the City of Valley and Mayor Carroll Smith) will be the best marathon in Nebraska.

Best No Less.