Sure its a big week leading into Sunday’s Lincoln Marathon.  Its a bigger week than that.

One of my oldest and best buddies will be flying in on Thursday, he’ll be rocking the masters competition in his Central Park Track Club singlet.  Andre Lejuene and I attended Lamar University in Beaumont, TX back in the late 80s, my original mentee, I haven’t seen him since.  Looking forward to catching the last 25 years up.

The wood burning stove installation begins today.  Learning on the fly.

Getting all the paperwork in order to close on my former digs in West Mayoville.  What a weird story this has become, truth is truly stranger than fiction.  Damned attorneys.  Damned real estate agents.  Damned title company.  Damned banks.  Damned ex.  And just for good measure, damn those blood sucking attorneys a couple more times.

The new Beer Mile World Record (4:55) has generated some big interest in the 2nd Annual Bar None Beer Mile, tentatively set for August.  We’ve added a “Shot Mile”, novelty + innovation= Fun.

Sad to report that there will be no Hospital Hill Team Challenge this year.  We were so ready to go kick some ass, drats!

Dam to Dam, here we come!

For the umpteenth time, PEAK NO TAPER.

Our mate Ron Olsen will be interviewed Thursday for his incredible streak of not missing a Lincoln Marathon.  He called this morning arranging to pick up his singlet.  Roxi’s too.  I told him how much his and her LOYALTY meant the world to me.  He said “You created this Will, of course we are going to run for you.”  There’s a lot of whippersnappers that could learn a lesson from Ron and Roxi.


Nebraska Run Guru Elite
cummings 2:33:00 (8th)
anzalone 2:40:00  (11th)
kostelnick 2:41:00 (12th)
key     2:45:00        (14th)
clouston 2:48:00  (23rd)
delgado 2:55:00 (36th)

Lincoln Running Co. Racing
noel 2:25:00 3rd
nichols 2:32:00  6th
regnier 2:39:00  8th
sellers 2:40:00 9th
wandzilak 2:45:00 15th
sekora 2:55:00 35th
mckillap 3:05:00 50th

Team Nebraska
marsh 2:40:00 10th
doherty 2:45:00 16th
stack 2:45:00 17th