Nicole Norris came back from Des Moines with a pretty good half marathon pr.  Before I let her catch her breath I told her sub 3 at Boston.  When she gets on the start line from now on it will be on the start line.  Lesson numero uno, Gun Times Supercede Chip Times.  Don’t be intimidated.  Dark Horse.  Blue Collar.  Split Shorts.  Who is this?  Mom of two, lives in Lincoln, 3:13 marathon debut in June, 1:25:45 half yesterday.  Boston ’18 Sub 3.   I’ve told her to expect a showering of Lincoln praise and gift certificates and ribbons and fruit baskets and tempting offers.

Thank you very much Michel Davy.  This was your path first.

Nicole is rare.  A relative novice for her 36 years.  Diamond in the rough.  Not afraid to step up.  To the line.  The start line.  Toe the line.  On the line.  In split shorts.  Big Girl Pants.


Nicole and Jennifer tied at the line.  My last words to her were “Be fierce the last couple miles, pick off who you can and know they too  are suffering mightily.  You have been prepared to finish strong.”  Indeed.