Consider yourself lucky if you have a friend that goes above and beyond.  Linda and I count ourselves fortunate to call Dr. Bill Weeks a friend, but much  more than that.

I met Bill the inaugural year of our “Wednesday Night Lifetime Fitness Track Work”.  2008 or 09?  Time it does fly.  Coached him up.  Was on the streets of Melbourne, FL for his last marathon hurrah.  Winding up a successful career as an athlete with a stellar 3:30 marathon at age 50.  Bill is also an official Ironman finisher.  And as a member of Team Angry, prodigious in the saddle.

As Dr. Weeks he has served as Medical Director for both Team Nebraska and Nebraska Run Guru Elite, Inc.  Bill also serves on the Board of Directors for NRGE, Inc.  He frequently if quietly contributes prize money to our events.   His commitment to the running community is far reaching,  also serving as  the Medical Director for the Heartland Marathon.  Bill has attended running related medical conferences around the country including the Boston Marathon.

Bill lives on a sweet acreage outside Yutan.  He was kind enough to host Linda, Desi, and me for nearly a year, August 27th, 2019 thru July 8th 2020.  Moved a farm’s worth of equipment to his place, safe storage.  The r-pod powered by a much appreciated extension cord.  Bathroom, kitchen, laundry all made available in his home.  And from Dec 17th-March 17th, the 90 deadest days of  winter, a spare bedroom well appointed.

I hope your life includes somebody like Bill.  A friend that goes above and beyond, but much more than that.