My dear sweet Katie turns 18 today.  I was 39 when she was born and wondered how my third’s world would intersect with mine at this juncture.  I used to gasp that I’d “be close to 60” and sure enough I’ll hit 58 this November, Buddha willing and the creek don’t rise.  Her experience so far and away outpaces mine.  Just as I did my own dad’s.  And her’s will in turn.  Way of the world.  I grew up with a black & white television, 3 channels, ABC, NBC, CBS.  Saturday morning cartoons were the only true screen time.  Now they have the entire world, up to their ears and eyes and out the wazoo, bombarding their every moment.  An amazing time to live in but by growing up in it they/you  miss the wonder of it all.  But in turn, you/they too will marvel at the next generation and the perpetuity of life.  And feel less significant in the best of ways, hubris of youth and all that.

The good folks at the Waterloo post office called on Monday.  Surprising given they were closed.  Off Linda went to pick up our 50 chicks, they now ensconced and past Jedediah’s initial, unsatiable, salubrious attention.  Free Range, Farm Fresh coming this summer!

My old buddy Gunnar came by Tuesday.  Gave him the Bar None once over looking for the perfect spot to locate my hives in March.  I’ll have 8 hives coming in April, Bar None Bee Poop, I like the sound of it, Linda not so much a fan of it.

We had 50 people signed up for the Two Rivers event last weekend.    Representing 16 cities and 3 states, most logically Iowa and SD joining the fun.  I knew my 4 mates running and made a bunch of new friends.  Female to male ratio 4:1.  The demographic shift continues to gain momentum and I don’t see it slowing any time soon.  Girl Power!?

Thanks to Pete for the link to last weekend’s Psycho Wyco: