Go ahead, I’m used to it.  We’ve got a bumper crop of mosquitoes smack dab in the middle of the Elkhorn and Platte Rivers.  Little bloodsuckers.  My skin is too sensitive for “mosquitoe dope” as my dad used to call it.  Solution is to wear long sleeves and pants and get used to it.  The mosquitoes in Texas are the size of the finches I watch busying themselves every morning, making them only slightly less tolerable.  The rabbits are a different story.  I regularly pop those voracious vegans as they hop towards my garden, one down a million to go.  What makes them different from other conejos is they are the size of small dogs.

Thanks to Mike Hayek (rhymes with kayak) Jones for pointing out that Concordia University won the NAIA National Championships without scoring a single point in the running events, the win coming on the substantial shoulders of the field crew.  Related, UNL will send 5 thinclads to the NCAA National Championships (discus, jump, jump, jump, jump.)  Say what?

Starting this morning with Sam & Jackson.  I worked with them for 7 weeks last year and got Sam in good enough shape to finish 6th in the 3000 at the National AAU Champs for his age group.  We’ll be working on moving up spots for this year’s champs in Virginia Beach.

And I’m picking up some gems from one of my adult clients.  Jennifer is co-founder of Convergence Coaching, “We are committed to make a difference for our clients, driving organizational and behavioral changes to enhance performance, improve teamwork, and inspire.”  She drops the occasional light bulb moment on me, her latest about unrequited forgiveness.  Good stuff.

Peace, Love, Glow Run.