If you are flying into Bend, OR for next month’s USA Club XC National Championships this will help.  Bend is at 3625′ elevation.  There’s not much availability for flights, only one tiny airport.  Two important travel considerations are whether or not it is better to arrive early (Thursday) in order to accomodate the jet lag or arrive the day before (Friday) in order to control for the elevation.

Here’s your answer and free of charge.  If you are traveling a great distance, better to get in Thursday, let your internal clock reset, and the body acclimate to the thinner air.  If you live relatively close it will be better to arrive Friday, the effects of altitude won’t catch up with you on Saturday morning.    Look for the Boulder Running Co. to do quite well.

A recent hot topic question is whether or not athletes that reside outside of our Nebraska Association can represent a Nebraska USATF club at a USA Club National Championships.  Short answer is no.  Long answer is that there are certain well defined, strictly limiting scenarios that might allow it.  I was the master of utilizing those scenarios.

Important news regarding our USA Elite Development Clubs.  Great to see that the Boston Athletic Association will now have the coveted EDC designation.  The B.A.A. High Performance Group will be coached by Terrence Mahon, one of the most respected coaches in the United States.  Look for them to become one of the Real powerhouses in very short order.

EDC designations recognize exceptional clubs.  I’m proud to have built Team Nebraska into one of the very best EDCs.   I am still Team Nebraska’s biggest advocate within the program.  And that doesn’t hurt.

Kansas City Smoke used to be an EDC.  So did Team Iowa Runablaze.  But no longer.  There are certain criteria that needs be met in order to maintain such prestige.  This goes across the board.   In the past EDC applications have been accepted and reviewed by the Elite Development Club Council every four years.

Moving forward it has been decided that all designated EDCs will be required to submit an Annual Reporting Form.  The Club Council will then review and decide whether or not the clubs meet the stringent standards for continued inclusion in the program.  This will be of great benefit to the athletes, the clubs, and the program.

The 2014 USA Club T&F National Championships are next July.  No site has been awarded yet though there is a strong bid by Becca Gillespie out of Seattle.  The University of Washington has a full IAAF Certified stadium.  But the backstretch of the track has been deemed too soft and will be redone next summer.  University of Puget Sound you might suggest?  No Steeple pit, hammer cage, or curbing on the track.  That leaves Western Seattle Stadium and it might just do the trick.  If not look for the meet to return to Ichan Stadium in NYC.

What do I do all day?

And finally I share some easy reads for your inspection and approval:

Cross Country should be at the top of every serious and competitive athlete’s schedule right now.  This gem from 1978 is one of my favorites.


This 2006 book is written by my old buddy and colleague Scott Simmons.


This 1973 classic provides a concise description of the physiological changes associated with training.


This 1976 work by Coach Bill Squires is a survey of the top training ideas from the masters, Nurmi, Holmer, Greshler, Igloi, Stampfl, Cerrutty, Lydiard, Van Aken, Elliot, and Bowerman.  Coach Squires and I shared a hotel room at 2008 Twin Cities, I came away with a cache of stories and enjoyed his company immensely.


Not all reading is light.  Some very important issues are raised in this 2003 publication.


And Linda’s favorite author!