Hard work.  But not as hard as others.

I was blessed to inherit most of my genes from dad.  I’m built exactly as he is, lifetime fighting weight. Linda too was born with the ectomorphic advantage.  Like me she continues to work hard to keep it. There are many others that aren’t so fortunate, have to work ever diligently to try and achieve a more linear look.  Hats off to them!  Some are born possessing athletic tendencies, some aren’t, but we can all aspire to unlock the very best within.

Today I celebrate endo, meso, and ecto with the following offerings for your inspection and approval:

bronzeatlThese five bronzes are a memento of my 1996 Atlanta Olympics fan experience.  Purchased at an art shop in the Buckhead district, they symbolize to me the very essence of sport.  The runners tending towards ectomorph.

plateThis plate too hearkens back to the time of pure sport.

sanfrannudeAnother of my favorite bronzes.  This one from Sausalito, CA.  Mesomorph.

jamaicanudeThis ironwood carving from Montego Bay, Jamaica has the classic endomorphic shape.

discusThis sculpture has dynamic tension derived from the powerful and imminent release of the discus.

bronzemdThis Italian bronze cast by Boscoette was procured at an art shop in Houston.  I believe it was crafted for a physician as the figure carries the Hippocratic Oath icon (First Do No Harm).