Not for the last time, Cruel Mistress!  The marathon, uncaring flogger of dreams.  Most every vision of euphoria was dashed, downed like the falling mercury.  As difficult as it is to run a warm marathon it is harder to run a warm marathon that cools significantly over the second half.  Reminiscent of my and Linda’s last, Grandma’s 2012, where we both dropped with hypothermia.  Our hearts go out to those dealt the lashes yesterday.

Takeaways for me, the Kenyans have been unclean for years.  The Ethiopians probably are too.

Zach Hine, he of the 1:04:48 at the Twin Rivers YMCA Freedom Run Half Marathon, was 10th overall and top American.  Bar None buddy As Sanabria was 25th overall.  Emily Kraus ran a 7 minute personal best, she was well prepared.

I’ll be working for the third year with Sam and Jackson.  Sam, precocious if not wunderkind, running as a 7th grader, set the Beveridge Middle School record in the mile, 5:06 a couple weeks ago.  Big  goals for the summer.

Another Bar None protégé, Linda’s nephew Noah, now a freshman at Burke HS and running varsity hurdles.