All 50 states now in some stage of reopening.  People are beginning to emerge from their cocoons.

Linda and I remain business as usual, happily ensconced in the r-pod.  Not due to any virus.  We are approaching 9 months, excepting 90 days dead of winter spent “in the big house.”

We do not crave the city lifestyle.  Sequestered?  No.  Isolated?  Not really.  Quarantined?  Certainly not.  Pioneers?  Bingo.

Filling our days tending our small 2Lazy2 Bar None extension.  Spinach and kales already in our tummy and freezer.  Swiss chard emerging aside radishes.  Sweet Peas now a foot high, bunching onions and leeks pointing skyward.  Tomatoes and peppers caged, collards abed and alert.

The more I follow the Real covid-19 data, the less trepidation I have about moving in public places.  What doesn’t change is my preference to be alone with my lover, my dog, my tools, and my thoughts.

We’re not out of the woods or weeds just yet but it is good to see people breaking out and spreading wings.  We’ll keep ourselves busy out here in the country, business as usual.